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Go Karts & Instagram!

When your neighbors have go karts and there are open lots across the street… supercharged racing will ensue!!  🙂


These were all taken with my Canon 5DMarkIII and my Tamaron 70-200mm f/2.8… that’s how I’m able to freeze time!  But what about using your phone?  Can you capture these shots using the phone in your hand?  Maybe… the technology has come a LONG way!  You can command a camera phone better than ever, but you will still have to follow some rules of photography to make your phone pictures pop! 🙂

For instance, if you want to take better pictures of your kiddos for posting on instagram… first and for most make sure your camera phone lens is clean!  Oil and grime can collect on the lens and will make your pictures cloudy and blurry.  Clean gear does matter!

Second, look for the light!!  The definition of photography is “painting with light”… so you’ve got to figure out where the good light is!  Indirect, diffused light is hard to see at first, but it’s definitely some of the best light to play with!  Harsh sunlight will make your kiddos squint and give them super harsh shadows.   So look around… where’s the shade?  Ok good!  Now put them in the shade and try to see where the light illuminates their face (this requires both of you being flexible & moving around – you don’t want any uneven lighting/shadows/bright spots on their face).

Third, look at their eyes… do you see the little twinkle?  You are actually looking for the catchlight in their eyes (yes this is an actual photography term!).  You might have to get closer or zoom in the camera lens to see the catchlights but they make a HUGE difference.  If you are in good light and can see the catchlights in their eyes – you’ve found a sweet spot!  Without the catchlights, the eyes seem dull and lifeless in the final picture.  I generally focus on the eyes when I’m taking pictures… the more light and catchlight I can find, the better the picture! 🙂

Now quick focus on their face and click the picture before they move!!  🙂

Oh, one more thing, there is a TON of distortion that comes with these little hand-held super charged camera phones!  To reduce the effect of distortion, turn your camera sideways so it looks like more of a traditional point & shoot camera.  Not only will you have more background interest in the picture, but you will avoid some of the distortion!  Another trick is to watch the angle of your camera.  If you are standing too close and pointing the camera down at your kiddos, their heads will look way bigger then their bodies!  Although this is fun occasionally, it’s not ideal for good pictures.  Step back and keep your camera more level to get a more pleasing shot.  This holds true for videos as well… turn the phone so you have more field of view in your video!


Now just upload to instagram!  Hope that helps!  Happy snapping!!  🙂






New Pricing Special!




I just published new pricing here for Capture Me Photography and I wanted to announce a new special…


If you book a session before 1/31/2015, you can still take advantage of the 2014 pricing.  Since the 2014 pricing is now taken down I’m going to leave it below.  Book now!!  Note : Session must be booked before 1/31/15 and take place by 4/30/2015.


2014 Pricing :

  • Mini Session – $85
  • Classic Session  – $150 (note extended & newborn were at this pricing)
  • Bump & Baby – $250
  • Wedding Package – $1500
  • Birth Photograph  – $350

2014 Product Pricing :

  •  4×6 – $5
  • 5×10 – $10
  • 8×10 – $20
  • 11×14 – $45 print;  $85 canvas
  • 16×24  – $75 print;  $125 canvas
  • 10×20 storyboard – $35.00 print;  $70 canvas
  • Mini Session DVD – $100
  • Classic Session DVD – $200
  • Bump & Baby DVD – $340



Kids Directory NWA | NWA Portrait Photographer

Have you picked up the April issue of Kid’s Directory NWA? Did you know you can also find an electronic copy online? Follow this link here to the online copy.  If you’re not familiar with Kids Directory NWA, it’s a wonderful magazine that contains lots of information about the local NWA businesses who are here to serve your family and kids.

I’m so blessed to work with the team at Kid’s Directory!  I really enjoy visiting the different advertisers each month, meeting their staff, and interacting with new kids for the Kids About Town section. This month I had the privilege of visiting My Village Pediatric Dentistry in Bentonville, LearningRx in Bentonville, and the MANA FirstCare Clinic in Fayetteville.

Here are a few of the pictures sent in. I never know which ones will get selected each month. Basically, what I do is submit about 5 pictures to Kid’s Directory and they pick 2 to print. I look forward to getting the magazine each month to see which ones they chose. 🙂

presidents day kids from learningRx reciting all presidents

© 2013 Capture Me Photography by Nicole



Brooklyn Turns One! | NW Arkansas Children’s Photographer

Ok, these were taken June 2011.  Sweet Brooklyn is now 18 months old, and these pictures should have been posted 6 months ago!  Well, better late than never.  Last year was a whirlwind of changes, so most of my sessions only got posted to facebook.  I’m trying to remedy that and keep you up to speed with what’s been going on here at Capture Me.  Without further ado… Happy (belated) 1st Birthday Brooklyn!! 🙂

 Copyright 2011 © by Nicole Pawlaczyk. All rights reserved.

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MCP Project 52 Recap | NW Arkansas Natural Light Photography

Morning!  Thought I would tell you about the fun weekly challenge that I participated in last year.  MCP Actions is one of my favorite blogs/websites to follow (click here to jump over there).  Jodi Friedman, founder of MCP Actions,  has done an excellent job at providing tips, tricks, inspiration, directions, and links for photographers.  She encourages all levels of photography to utilize her website.  Best of all she’s from my old stomping grounds in Michigan (love that connection, too!)  I owe a lot of my Photoshop knowledge to Jodi, thank-you Jodi!! 🙂  

Back to the challenge. My following 4 pictures are the ones that made it to the “Top 10” list for their particular weeks.  It didn’t win me any money or products, just further validation that my pictures are resonating beyond my clients and into the rest of the photography world.  Click here to go to all of my photo entries last year.  I didn’t enter every week, but I’m proud to have submitted 39 of the 52 weeks (75%… guess that’s only a C in school but I’m not in school! LOL!). 

Through the weekly challenge, I learned a ton!!  It helped me hone in some new skills as well as identify areas that I need to focus on more.  I love to capture pictures of life as it happens… families interacting with each other, a giggling child, a surprised reaction, things going on in a crowd, etc – basically things that you let happen and capture as they happen.  A themed challenge like MCP Project 52 requires more of a “make it happen” approach to photography. Hence, a good challenge for me!  

I’m looking forward to continuing the challenge in 2012.  MCP has “tweaked” the challenge this year to be a monthly challenge instead of a weekly challenge.  So, we will most likely see more “styled” pictures in the pool of submissions but that’s OK… my goal stays the same… capture the theme in a unique way that stands out from the crowd and further develops my own personal photography skills.  It’s a high goal but like I’ve said before – “go big or go home”! 🙂


Week 20 (5/17/2011) “Spring”


Week 25 (6/29/2011) “Things Hidden”

Week 42 (10/19/2011) “True Beauty” 


Week 48 (11/30/2011) “Twinkle, Twinkle”  


  Copyright 2011 © by Nicole Pawlaczyk. All rights reserved.

Happy New Year! | NW Arkansas Photography

2012 is here and it’s time to do some catch-up on this blog!  It was a great year here at Capture Me Photography!  We moved from Michigan to NW Arkansas late fall 2010, so 2011 was a re-building year for me.  I loved all the new people I got to meet and capture with my camera!  I wrote some articles last year for a local online newspaper (click here to read them) and I participated in a weekly photo challenge through MCP Actions (click here to see all my submissions).  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog more, so come back again and see what’s been going on here.  Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks for all your support and encouragement!  I love capturing life through my lens and can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2012! 🙂

Copyright 2011 © by Nicole Pawlaczyk. All rights reserved.


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Copyright 2010 © by Nicole Pawlaczyk. All rights reserved.

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