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MCP Project 52 Recap | NW Arkansas Natural Light Photography

Morning!  Thought I would tell you about the fun weekly challenge that I participated in last year.  MCP Actions is one of my favorite blogs/websites to follow (click here to jump over there).  Jodi Friedman, founder of MCP Actions,  has done an excellent job at providing tips, tricks, inspiration, directions, and links for photographers.  She encourages all levels of photography to utilize her website.  Best of all she’s from my old stomping grounds in Michigan (love that connection, too!)  I owe a lot of my Photoshop knowledge to Jodi, thank-you Jodi!! 🙂  

Back to the challenge. My following 4 pictures are the ones that made it to the “Top 10” list for their particular weeks.  It didn’t win me any money or products, just further validation that my pictures are resonating beyond my clients and into the rest of the photography world.  Click here to go to all of my photo entries last year.  I didn’t enter every week, but I’m proud to have submitted 39 of the 52 weeks (75%… guess that’s only a C in school but I’m not in school! LOL!). 

Through the weekly challenge, I learned a ton!!  It helped me hone in some new skills as well as identify areas that I need to focus on more.  I love to capture pictures of life as it happens… families interacting with each other, a giggling child, a surprised reaction, things going on in a crowd, etc – basically things that you let happen and capture as they happen.  A themed challenge like MCP Project 52 requires more of a “make it happen” approach to photography. Hence, a good challenge for me!  

I’m looking forward to continuing the challenge in 2012.  MCP has “tweaked” the challenge this year to be a monthly challenge instead of a weekly challenge.  So, we will most likely see more “styled” pictures in the pool of submissions but that’s OK… my goal stays the same… capture the theme in a unique way that stands out from the crowd and further develops my own personal photography skills.  It’s a high goal but like I’ve said before – “go big or go home”! 🙂


Week 20 (5/17/2011) “Spring”


Week 25 (6/29/2011) “Things Hidden”

Week 42 (10/19/2011) “True Beauty” 


Week 48 (11/30/2011) “Twinkle, Twinkle”  


  Copyright 2011 © by Nicole Pawlaczyk. All rights reserved.

  1. I think the name of your photography business, “Capture Me” is PERFECT! I absolutely LOVE the way you capture moods, emotions, and even set them at times. Blessings on this year's adventure.

  2. Thanks Cheryl!! I really appreciate your support and encouragement! 🙂

  3. Hi Nikki – looks like you are learning alot about photography!!
    I especially love the one with the Kids being a CHRISTmas tree/Silent Night – brillant! And great job catching Karlie mid-air – love it!
    Love and Blessings, Aunt Betty

  4. Thanks Aunt Betty! 🙂

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