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NWA Family Photographer : Week 12 Photo Challenge – Off Camera Flash Backlight Night

©2014 Capture Me Photography by Nicole, LLC | NWA Family Photographer

©2014 Capture Me Photography by Nicole, LLC | NWA Family Photographer


Week 12 for Photography Awesomesauce’s photo challenge was to use off camera flash to backlight a subject at night.  Apparently, when I’m thinking about these challenges I have a lot of sports on my brain because 80% of my pics so far have had a sports theme/feel.  So, keeping with that theme, and the fact that my son had declared us to have “Pawlaczyk Bowl”  today, I used my husband and my son to show a helmet to helmet shot.

I’m very surprised at how much light I can still get on my subjects when using backlight from off camera flash.  I wanted just the silhouettes and so this was rather a blind shot for me.  The trick is to get your focus with the lights on and then turn all the lights off to trigger the flash.  What I couldn’t see then was how square I was to my subjects because it was pitch black looking through the camera.  I’m happy with the results above.  It’s not super technically sound, but it’s within the parameters of this challenge and I did get to play with my new flash triggers! 🙂

Camera Details :

Canon 5D Mark III, 24-70L 2.8, ISO 640, f 14, SS 1/40


Thanks for stopping by!   Hope you have a great week! 🙂


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