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NWA Family Photographer : Week 13 Daylight Off Camera Flash


Week 13 challenge was to use off camera flash during the day to create an image.  Unfortunately, I procrastinated for too long this week before starting this challenge and I had no beautiful sunset for my background.  I watched a few small youtube videos this week with techniques for underexposing the clouds behind you and then using the off camera flash for dramatic pictures.  Well, yesterday afternoon was cold & dreary and NO fun clouds behind.  I still underexposed for the sky but quickly realized I need a soft box and not just a small diffuser for my flash.  Learned a lot even if I’m not happy with this picture.  In the end, that’s the essence of this challenge… to learn new skills.  Ok, onto week 14 but will definitely be revisiting this technique!!


Picture Stats:

Canon 5D Mark III, 24-70L 2.8, ISO 200, f2.8, SS 1/50


Now to go watch the Superbowl!! 🙂


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