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NWA Family Photographer | Week 14: Twilight Challenge


Week 14 Twilight (aka the available light right as the sun sets or just after it has set) was a challenge for a number of reasons.  Not because twilight photography is difficult, it was just COLD out this week and most of the week we had thick clouds.  I went out Wednesday night to catch this slim section of sunset over a snowy landscape.  At 12 degrees (doesn’t include windchill), I didn’t have much time to compose & recompose my shots.   But in the end I take this week as great practice for analyzing the variables and composing the shots rapidly.  I have to be ready to analyze situations and compose shots quickly (toddlers do not sit still for long at all!).  This is what differentiates me from a lot of photographers and allows me to lean on my engineering background.  Ready, aim, fire!  (camera of course!)

Ok, stats from these pictures :

Canon 5DMarkIII, 24-70L 2.8, ISO 200, f 2.8, SS 1/400 – and 12 degrees outside!


Here’s another one from my brief twilight session – don’t know how the “rainbow” lines were captured, maybe it was the cold air shining back onto my sensor?  Kinda cool tho!



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