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NWA Family Photographer : Week 16 Photo Challenge “Catchlights”


Week 16 Photography Awesomesauce Winter Photo Challenge : Catchlights


Week 16 of the winter photo challenge required capturing catchlights, or the little light reflections in your subjects eyes.  Without catchlights in your subjects eyes, the eyes look a little life less and not as attractive in a photograph.   I always try to get catchlights in my subjects eyes and through the years I’ve become pretty good at the skill.  So, the challenge this week for me was to take some pictures of my kids.  Since my middle boy has very deep, chocolate-y brown eyes, I figured it was his turn to be apart of my challenge post.  Brown eyes can be a challenge to find the catchlights so sometimes you have to keep turning in the light and even lift their chin slightly so the eyes glow even further.  Well, my middle boy had about enough of my antics with my camera and hence this little smirk – but it’s his signature smirk and its captured finally!  He is a boy full of much personality but to stop it with my shutter in one click is very challenging.  All in all, it was nice to go outside my kiddos this week (yes, warm weather is slowly returning to NWA) and just have fun with my camera.  All too often, deadlines & activities are getting in the way of me just playing and enjoying “me” time behind the camera.  I don’t want to lose the joy of capturing so I plan on doing this more often!  Just keep snapping…


Camera stats:

Canon 5D Mark III, 24-70 L 2.8, ISO 320, SS 1/320, f 2.8



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