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Week 2 : Golden Hour Photo Challenge

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Week 2 : GoldenHour Photo Challenge


Well, this week has been interesting in more ways than one for working on the next Photography Awesomsauce challenge – golden hour light. We have had rainy, cold, dreary weather for most of the week! So much for catching the golden hour! What’s the golden hour you ask? Well, it’s the 1st and last hours of daylight when the sun is just peeking over the horizon. There are beautiful hues you can catch on skin tones during these hours.


I was on the tail end of the golden hour and grabbed my kids to try to capture a picture to submit. Honestly, it was the only time I have had this week so off we went to a nearby field. With the end of daylight savings time, the evening golden hour starts about 4:30pm and finishes just after sunset which is 5:21pm. Kind of depressing losing daylight so early! But we had a great night tonight and even though the clouds hid the sunshine, I was able to catch my kids running through the field and off into the sunset. Entry #2… golden hour light. 🙂


1/2000, ISO 800, f2.8, Canon 7D, 24-70L


If you want to join me in this challenge, you can find more information >here<.


Hope you have a great weekend!


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