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Week 3 Photo Challenge: Rembrandt Lighting

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Week 3 Challenge – Rembrandt Lighting


Week 3: Rembrandt Lighting

This is a much tougher challenge than I thought it would be.  I’ve been looking at examples of Rembrandt lighting all week and thought ‘piece of cake!’.  Silly me!  So, Rembrandt was a genius painter who could capture light in amazing ways with a paint brush… he added energy and drama by having a dominant light source and how it played off of his subjects in his painting.  Usually, the light created a strong shadow that fell off the painting but leaving just a triangle of light under the eye.  It’s really very intriguing the more you look for this type of shadowing on your subject.

So, I asked my handsome husband if he would be my subject.  I wanted to use his hockey equipment in the picture and I think he got the vision too.   I wanted a strong, athletic look and I just can’t get over the result.  Ladies, he’s taken, so look more at the technique!!  We had to move locations, positions, poses, and  background to back into this look.  I thought for sure I would only need to snap a few pictures but that wasn’t the case.  I’m so thankful that he was willing to let me keep going to get this shot – I love it!!!  And I love him so very much!!!!  He is my cheerleader, my supporter, my strength, and my love… this is for him!!


Week 3… done! 🙂


Camera details : Canon 7D, 24-70L, f2.8, 1/80 sec, ISO 1000


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