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Week 4 : Prism Photography Challenge

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Baby reflections


Ok, so this week was a new technique for me – prisms.  I have never tried to place something in front of my lens to distort/refract the light coming in.  I tried to find a prism which proved harder to do than I thought.  All week I thought there would be one on the shelf of our local photography store or if not there one in a kaleidoscope… no prisms and no kaleidoscopes to be found in my area.  After doing more research, you can actually get the same effect with acrylics, glass or crystals.  I have a block of acrylic that I use for rubber stamping so this is what I used to get the prism affect above.  I’m still going to keep looking for a real prism because I’m loving all of the fun examples that I’m seeing on the Photography Awesomesauce page.  I need to keep playing with this technique because it’s quite fun.  I had the privilege of watching this sweet little girl this week and she agreed to model for me.  I love that you can get a reflection this way…  although she was looking at my little girl, it looks like she’s looking at herself.  So fun!


Ok, week 4 done!  Love the new technique! 🙂


Canon 7D, 24-70L, ISO 800, f4.0, SS 1/125


Happy  Thanksgiving ya’ll! 🙂



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