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Week 7: Light Painting Photo Challenge



Week 7 was another new-to-me technique!  I’ve seen light painting pictures before where people use sparklers and write cool things, but I’ve never tried it before.  I had no idea what the “bulb” setting meant on my camera either.  It’s so cool – basically, it holds the shutter open for as long as I hold down the shutter button and then it releases the flash in the nano second that I release the shutter… aka 2nd curtain shutter for the flash.

This was so cool!!  I taped a battery operated string of Christmas lights on the end of my husbands hockey stick.  He turned the lights on and off as he wrote “wings” backwards.  Props to him!!  This turned out so cool and actually relatively easy!!  I’m guessing I will be playing with this light painting and bulb setting on my camera in the future!  🙂

Canon 5DMarkIII, 24-70L, f3.5, ISO 500, 5sec ss but used bulb setting

Thanks for stopping by and following this weekly challenge with me!  Until next week… keep your sticks on the ice!  (Do you know who’s famous in Canada for saying this??)


light painting swinging hockey stick

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