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Week 8: Bokeh Shapes

Aqurium Bokeh

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Well, I’ve tried bokeh shapes before and to be honest, this is a very simple trick to do with a camera.  What’s challenging is to make “art” out of it (in my opinion).  I did some googling this week and came up with this aquarium idea.   I figured I would put all my paper punches to good use with this challenge… unfortunately, my paper punches are MIA here.  I asked all my kids and of course they haven’t seen them.  So, paper & scissors are what I had to use to create the cut out for the front of my lens.


For this technique, you cut a piece of paper the diameter of your lens, cut a shape in the center about and inch or so in size and put the paper right on your lens.  Then, you look for the light and blur the lens to create the shape in the blur (aka bokeh).  I can’t say that I’m a big fan of this technique, but it was worth the exercise in thought.


Canon 5dMarkIII, 24-70L,  f2.8, 1/100, ISO 6400


Merry Christmas!!  🙂


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