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Week 9 : Golden Hour Portrait

TX Star Kids

Picture of kids on the Texas star


Week 9 of the Photography Awesomsauce Winter Challenge was postponed until this week because of Christmas and all its festivities.  I’m glad I had another week to work on this one but we decided to take a trip and I was never able to get to a time/place to take golden hour portraits.  We stopped briefly at the Texas Welcome Center and I was able to snap a few quick picks of the kids during the golden hour… unfortunately, the sun was pretty low in the sky already so not much backlighting to capture.   Oh well, we had a great trip and I can use this to keep me in the challenge.  Wonder what’s up for week 10… guess you and I will have to head over to and find out!


Photo stats: Canon 5DMarkIII, 24-70L, ISO 10000, f/2.8, SS: 1/2000  (PS – I love that my new camera!  Didn’t need to be this high on ISO but I was in a hurry and it worked)


I’m going to leave you with a few more fun shots from the week between Christmas and New Years – We went to Devil’s Den (South of Fayetteville, AR) and I snapped the pics of the waterfall.  Then on the way home that night the sunset was absolutely gorgeous!  The horses were on the other side of the road from where I snapped the sunset pics.  Finally, my silly kiddos on the star again 🙂


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! 🙂


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  1. Those falls are beautiful! Excellent job!

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