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Winter Photo Challenge : Week 1 Backlighting

©2013 Capture Me Photography by Nicole

Week 1 of the Photography Awesomesauce Winter Photo Challenge! Captured by Capture Me Photography by Nicole, LLC ©2013


Well hello blog world!  I’ve decided to step out again a take on a new photography challenge.  This one is only 4 months long and has specific lighting challenges instead of themes.  Click here to find out the specifics.

Since my blog has been “winterized” for far too long, its time to shake off the cob webs and start talking photography again.

If you are not familiar with Carrie Swails Photography and her Photography Awesomesauce blog – you need to be.  She is a fabulous photographer/teacher and so down to earth.  I love how she is just honest and real about the ins and outs of photography – its freeing to know there are others out there who are creating their own path in photography and just rock’in it!!
So, why this challenge you ask?  Simple – I love how a photo challenge gets me to think outside my box.  I’m usually snapping pictures of people for their personal family use, and I’m concentrating on capturing them and all their different expressions.  The pictures I take are for them.  A photo challenge lets me take pictures for me.   It’s that simple.  I know I could do this at any time – but there’s the problem – time.   When I’m not doing things for my business, I’m giving my time to my family and other things.  I honestly have lost the drive to just take pictures for me because of all the other demands on my time.  Yes, I could drag my kids out for a photoshoot, which I did this summer and it went surprisingly well, but I have yet to finish the pictures and it was a lot of work.  So, with this challenge, I’m intentionally setting aside time to capture an image for me and finishing it!


Not only will this photo challenge enable me to start shooting for myself again but here are the rest of my goals :

(1) To blog : This is a biggy for me!  In order to participate in this challenge, I’m required to blog!  It’s funny, I have had this blog (even redesigned this blog) for quite a while.  My blog is important so Google and the rest of the search engines out there see Capture Me Photography.  The world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes my head spin.  I would love to find someone local to NWA to come and help me.  I haven’t found that person yet – but maybe they will raise their hand and comment below (hint, hint, wink, wink!).

(2) To gain new skills : Carrie has generated a list of lighting techniques & specific lights that we have to use for each challenge week.  I love this!  I find myself in so many different lighting challenges that I’m super excited about finding in tools for my tool box.  I find natural lighting easiest – but it has its challenges too.  This first week I didn’t find too challenging because backlighting is kinda a given skill now a days.  But, like Carrie was explaining, you can create awful highlight blowouts in a picture that is not ideal.  How you control that with your camera & front lighting is critical.

(3) To ignite my creativity : I can almost predict each week what some of the pictures in the challenge will look like and this is the main stream direction.  I’m looking to find something new, something different, something unique in how I capture, compose, create.  This is a HUGE challenge for me.  It’s hard to think outside the box and  figure out something different – it’s easy to be “OK” and not generate a good vision before shooting.  This week’s picture, I admit, is rather a cop-out of a picture.  But it gets my feet in the door of the competition and it started me writing this blog.  Baby steps!  This a goal not an arrived moment…

(4) To gain a voice : I want to be apart of the voice for photography.  I don’t need to have a global voice, nor is that my goal.  But I want to have a local voice.  I want people to know that I’m a credible photographer and they are going to get my heart when I take pictures for them.  I realize many people have mixed emotions when it comes to working with a photographer.  My business is designed to capture pictures of you, and for you.  I’m using this challenge to hone in more skills to use when capturing pictures.


Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look at this first submission into the Winter Photography Challenge with Photography Awesomesauce.  I hope to keep the momentum going and keep posting more blogs.  I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful photography experiences this year and I would love to get back to sharing them here.  Baby steps….

Happy Saturday ya’ll!!



Image Stats for the Challenge:

Captured 11/2/13

Cannon 7D, 24-70L lens

1/400, F4.0, ISO 200





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